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Juliana Camargo

I graduated in Business Administration, I’m a body therapist, yoga teacher, writer, panel speaker, aerialist, and producer of natural cosmetics.

I'm a studying the Certificate in Psychosocial Intervention and in Psychotherapy.


In 2004, I traveled to Asia to study to become a Yoga teacher and panel speaker to mentor women about oriental practices, such as Yoga, Ayurveda, Neo Tantra and Siberian Shamanism. For ten years, I traveled to Europe and South America to create women’s groups together with therapists, psychologists, cultural center members, governments, press, entrepreneurs, students, mothers, workers, etc. I’ve met many people and their histories, adapted to different cultures and languages, where I could see them flourish, regain their autonomy, freedom, and health, and this experience gave me a meaningful life.

I lived in Sao Paulo for some years, where I created groups with wonderful women with a therapeutic dance that I’ve developed, and also, I worked in offices during my graduation from university. There, I started therapeutic work with Art Org, a therapy in movement, based on the psychology of Wilhelm Reich.

I graduated in Swedish Kinetic massage at the KineConcept Institute in Montreal in 2018, among other training such as Thai massage with oil; Deep Tissue Massage; Thai Yoga Massage; Fascia Facial Therapy; Shiatsu Massage; Prenatal massage; Udvarthana – Ayurvedic exfoliant massage; Massage and Trauma with Roni Gilboa.

Nowadays, besides my work, I want to be involved in social projects for women. I'm a volunteer at a center that helps women at risk.

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