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Four Hands Tantric Massage

To recognize and to develop the aspects of pleasure.


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We work with these 4 values: safety, ethics, respect and consent.  

Four hands tantric massage is an experience that simultaneously stimulate de senses, creating a deep level of therapeutic relaxation and potentially leading to heightened states of bliss and self-awareness.


Four hands tantric massage provides a deep emotional release and the realization that pleasure expands beyond the limits of the body.


The combination of skilled touch and the soothing rhythm of four hands working in union helps to reduce stress levels, to improve mental and emotional well-being, to tune into sensations and feelings.


If we understand that orgasm is a welcome, safe and free charge of pleasure that cannot be conditioned, we give to the body the freedom to express natural and beautiful movements.


Give attention to sexuality with sincerity and love.


Me(she/ they) and Dany(he/ him) being perfectly paired with a clever connection that allows us to be so in tune with each other that we know the others next move and how best to respond to the receiver.

Four hands tantric massage will leave you feeling refreshed, confident and recharged with renewed energy for the days to come.


Our work is not voyeurism. It is a work dedicated to the freedom of the body, of the responsibility that people have over themselves and society when they are bodily regulated.

“The capacity to tolerate displeasure and pain without becoming bitter and without seeking refuge in armor goes along with the capacity to receive happiness and to give love.” Wilhelm Reich 

How do I know if a therapeutic tantra session is safe? 

- the therapist is fully dressed during the session. Nudity is only allowed to the patient if agreed upon in advance. 

- the therapist commits to giving the patient detailed instructions about all the procedures that may take place during the session. 

- In practices where the therapist touches the patient's body, the patient's consent is always obtained (a letter of consent must be signed). 

- the touch occurs only with the therapist's hands, in some cases with previously consented objects, such as: scarves, feathers. 

- in massage techniques with touches to the genitals, there is no insertion of any accessory into the vaginal or anal canal. 

- agreements are made at the beginning of the service, respecting the limits of the therapist and the patient. 

- hygiene of the space and asepsis of the equipment, use of gloves when touching the genitals.

- the choice of techniques developed in the session is co-created between the therapist and the patient.

- total confidentiality is guaranteed regarding personal data, life histories and processes experienced by the patient during treatment.

- only those over 18 years of age. 

- it is mandatory to fill in the form with a term of responsibility and consent for single and/or multiple sessions. 

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