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Conscious development of the Feminine

Do you feel your individuality compromised?

And often that you don't have more time to do what you like?

Or have you lived in situations where you put your natural creative expression at risk?

The expression of your body, creativity, the connection of nature with female cycles, with the young psyche, with pleasure and autonomy.


What to do when we get off track? Direction means when we stop living a creative life, without energy, putting at risk freedom, self-confidence, health, elegance and fun.

What I offer is a conscious development of the feminine, through traditional practices, as dance, yoga and body treatments. This is a work of self-development and recognition of the feminine through body therapies that provide vitality, flexibility, self-confidence and beauty.

  • Reconnaissance and reconnection with the qualities of the feminine 

  • Achieving autonomy and security

  • Know and respect the cycles of life

  • Mature your way of relating

  • Strengthening self-esteem

  • Awakening to your gifts


The dances elevate the self esteem cleaning the beliefs of the fears, blocks that prevent the woman to express harmoniously its feminine.

It elevates the security in communicating, if loving, respecting and imposing itself without losing the grace, increases the physical flexibility bringing rejuvenation and more beauty.

Yoga is the practice that leads us to the inner state of peace of being our true nature.


Yoga is simple as the act of breathing, it is life itself. It is the union of you with yourself. It makes us shed the light of love, joy, peace and generosity.

This is an invitation for yourself, to rescue and protect your creative life, nourishing this life, renewing the creative fire, feeling integrated, confident and resting in nature, creating your own path and freedom.


"Climbing up in the trees showed me what sex could be like someday."

Lessons for deepening practices and knowledge from the eastern feminine traditions:

In our society, the woman's suffering and anguish continues from ancient traditions, where they has always been kept under some form of violence, be it physical, emotional or mental. And only through countless fighting movements can we enjoy partial freedom today, and yet we still do not know how to deal with patterns that insist on keeping us under the pressure of everyday life.


Raising a child is not an easy task, especially when it comes to a girl in a patriarchal world, many mothers do not want their daughters to go the same way as they did, they do not want them to suffer the same abuses, limitations and education can be built under false freedom or greater limitations.


And today it has become common for young women with health problems, with breast and ovarian cysts, women who do not know how to relate, or who do not know how to have a solid self esteem, or who at work and social life have become manly, full of crazes and negative emotions. The fight from before has been replaced by these issues, which the woman bears but does not know how to handle.


The inner journey of the feminine brings questions and ways of being able to live with all these factors without the woman losing her identity, contact with herself and having real freedom to make her own choices.


These workshop format allows a deeper understanding of the themes:

- contact with oneself through dance and knowledge about the centers of force in our structure

- emotional independence by releasing misconceptions about yourself

- know your own body and make it harmonious according to your own individuality through yoga and massage


It consist in:

Tantric Massage - 90min

Sensual Dance Class class- 60min

60min class on the conscious development of the feminine

Fee $360

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