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Hatha Yoga

Yoga is the practice that leads us to the inner state of peace of being our true nature.

It is simple as the act of breathing, it is life itself. It is the union of you with yourself. Yoga makes us shed the light of love, joy, peace and generosity.

A yogi is a being who has decided not to believe in the evil of the human species and to dedicate himself to realizing Love.

Hatha Yoga is a very focused line in body work, great care is taken to correct bodily alignment during the asana. It can be translated as yoga of extreme strength, but it is also commonly interpreted as yoga of the sun and moon, alluding to the goals of balancing the polarity of vital energy and transcending the identification with duality.

Individual Online Classes by Zoom or in presence

The classes are focused on breathing (pranaymas) and the alignment of each posture, according to your physical capacity, ending with meditation in Savasana.


$25/ class

$230/ 10 classes

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