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Be alert

Updated: Nov 5

"Two monks were crossing a river. They came across a very young and beautiful woman who also wanted to cross, but she was afraid. Then one the monk put her on his shoulders and carried her to the other bank.

The other monk was furious. He didn't say anything, but he was burning inside. "That was forbidden! A Buddhist monk must not touch a woman, and this monk had not only touched, but had carried the woman on his shoulders!"

Kilometers passed. When they arrived at the monastery, just as they were passing through the door, the angry monk turned to the other one and said: "Look, I will have to tell the master about this, I will have to tell this. This is forbidden!"

The other monk said: "What are you talking about? What is forbidden?"

"Have you forgotten?" asked the angry monk. - "You carried that beautiful young woman on your shoulders!"

The other monk laughed and said, "Yes, I carried her. But I left her in the river, miles ago. Are you still carrying her?"

Nature is harmony in deep rhythm, but the artificiality that man has imposed on nature, the way he has interfered with it, and the mechanical inventions he has thrown into the stream of life, have created obstructions in many places, have interrupted the flow, otherwise the river of love would flow freely. If the obstructions that man has created for himself are consciously removed, love can flow. One of the barriers that does not allow the raise of love in man has been the opposition to love and the criticism of passion. And the truth is that sex is the beginning of love, and the love is inherent in man.

You were born of sex and your nature is love, and every cell in your body is a sex cell.

Sex must not only be an instrument of pleasure, it must also be a means of spiritual growth, and it has lost its sacred origin. The original sense of reference that man had for sex was overshadowed, and degenerated into a mechanical nightmare, transforming it into subtle violence, in the exact sense of the word. It is no longer a loving experience; it is no longer a vehicle for the sacred and it is no longer a meditative act.

Tantra uses the sexual act to make the man whole, but you must move through it meditatively, forgetting everything that society has told you, the Church, religion, teachers, forget everything, get involved in it in its totality. Forget about control.

Tantra gives you scientific techniques on how to transform the mind, because it is in the mind that you control sex.

Accept it, move deeply, go to the roots. Tantra is profound experiences. Anything experienced can be transcended, anything repressed can never be transcended.

One of the techniques of Tantra is becoming a witness, it is the process of transforming sexual energy. Move in sex, but as an alert being, consciously, understandingly, lovingly, make the sexual experience a meditative experience. Meditate on it. This is what the East has done through Tantra.

Witnessing is the basic source.

But it will be difficult to become a witness in the sexual act if you are not trying to become a witness in other acts of your life. Try with simple things, simple activities like eating, walking, try, while talking, listening. Make it a constant internal hammering, let your whole body and mind know that you are making an effort to be alert.

Being alert means being open, alive, not sleeping, not unconscious. But it is not a matter of observing: otherwise, you will become tense. Dissolve yourself.

If you dissolve in love, you will find a certain quality of alertness in you. Let love be total and alertness will come from that. Don't create problems for yourself.

Be alert simply means you're making love and not asleep, that's all.

The two monks let us understand that what we see in others is what we are carrying ourselves. Our judgments are really reflections of what is repressed or rejected within ourselves. "


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