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Updated: May 30, 2022

Every individual feed oneself by three ways: the air (breathing), the nourishment and the impressions. All of these sources are to keep life going, we can't survive without them. Impressions are everywhere, everything around us are nourishing us by our senses. Being in the nature or being in an airport, or church, or hospital have different impressions, and we can feel them, and them can change our way to perceive life. The individual can choose which impressions to feed him, and which of them can be beneficial or not. For example, an individual who has a routine from home to work, feeds on more basic impressions, if he starts to be interested in art, or in sports, or in walking in nature, or in traveling, or in cultivating a hobby, he feeds himself with different stimulations and vibrations which influence his way of feeling, of relating to himself and his surroundings. The individual seeks his well-being in the name of the happiness he wants to create for himself. Through self-education that comes from his self-love, which understands that to be happy is not to adapt to a system that dictates that joy to be joy has to be bought and packaged. But the joy is in contemplating the sky, in walking in the forest, in feeling the water falling on your skin, happiness is in these impressions. And maybe these impressions don't add value to our social identity, because to look at the sky you don't have to pay an entrance ticket. The choice of impressions that surround us is essential for the individual to live well, as it is impossible to live without impressions. In the nature impressions are neutral. Conscious choices are the result of self-education and discipline. Discipline is freedom. Without discipline there is no freedom because there is no freedom without the ability to consciously choose, within what is possible for us to choose, what really matters for the development of our own humanity, which results in a more meaningful, loving and serene life. On the path of self-investigation, the individual is faced with the possibility of making choices, because freedom is the sum of practical actions

that allow us to have conditions for the exercise a free life. And one of the practical actions is the development of attention. The theme of attention was mentioned in the previous text, which is interesting and essential for the mind to have proper conditions of development.

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