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skin care and treatments

Maravicherry is a luxurious brand of skin care products as it uses natural, organic and local resources for face and body care.

The products have a therapeutic and loving approaches.

The ingredients are organic, natural, pure and without cruelty.

because life is gorgeous

and it is all yours

Umay Skin Care and Treatments

The recipes are harmoniously created to nourish and respectfully care for people's skin by using natural resources.


In addition to providing physical goals, such as hydration, nutrition and cleansing the skin, the products also symbolize self welcoming and loving, favoring the self-remembering. From my ateliê in Montreal.

Shea, calendula, lavander, mango, moringa butters

Lemongrass scrub

Foot Masks

Milk Bath

Massage oils and gels


Soft Soaps 


Makeup remover

Micellar water



Salt Bath

Milk Bath

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