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Therapeutic Tantric Session

​It is the body that melts with love, freezes with cold, trembles with rage and seeks contact and affection.


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I work with these 4 values: safety, ethics, respect and consent.  

Therapeutic Tantra session aims to connect you with your own body, to expand and rebuild your ability to feel physical sensations. It provides an experience of connection between body and mind, to restore and to increase natural pleasure; to obtain the states of silence and relaxation; to improve self-perception and self- esteem; to be grounded and to bring memories of the divine being that you are. It is a path where you will come back to your own body, to be able to handle its sensations, whether they are good or not.  

The session helps to let go of the identification with the mind and to allow the body to have its own rhythm, its own and individual wave to feel, to manifest impulses that the person cannot express anymore. We know it is the body that melts with love, freezes with cold, trembles with rage and seeks contact and affection. Separated from the body, these words are merely words.  


“Humans are embodied entities. I personally think that if you try to disconnect the mind from the body it leads in a very dangerous direction, that will be destructive psychologically and socially”. Yuval Noah Harari (2023) 


Many people have had their bodies dissociated from their reality, because they have suffered a considerable decrease in the ability to live and enjoy life due to a childhood trauma, or stress, or cultural education, etc., due to this, there was a loss of self: limited self-awareness, restricted self-expression, and reduced sense of self-mastery.  

"The mind can influence the body just as much the body can influence the mind, it is possible in certain cases to improve an individual's bodily functioning through a change in their mental attitude, but any change brought in this way will be temporary, unless fundamental bodily processes are significantly modified. On the other hand, working directly on restoring bodily functions such as breathing, movement, sensory perception and self-expression has an immediate and lasting effect on your mental attitude." Alexander Lowen  


One of the goals from the session of 90 minutes is to provide an experience through the body to voluntarily change an attitude. It is not a substitute for therapy.


The surrender to the body implies the surrender to sexuality. 

The therapist's role is to accompany the receiver. They (the patient) must be aware of their state, witnessing their inner dialog, connecting with their emotions, which may have been separated and dissociated from them while they were defending themselves against life and its waves. There isn't necessarily an end in sight, but above all an awareness of their state, feelings and the awakening of sensations. 


The therapist is fully dressed, there is no exchange between therapist and patient, the session is always conducted with non-reciprocal touch.  


What to expect for a Tantric Massage Session:  


The session is co-created with the patient, adapted to the patient needs and their physical conditions. It consists of therapeutic breathing movements (bioenergetics), or different types of touches such as Sensitive, Ayurvedic, Shiatsu and Thai massages, and my experience in therapeutic movement from Wilhelm Reich.  


Through the breathing, the libido power is channeled in a particular way and dispersed throughout the entire body, producing a whole-body energy vibration, with a huge gain in an individual’s pleasure and pleasure potential. 


“One of the ways to influence the energy level of the personality is through breathing. When the lung is hyperventilated, the ID (life, instincts) gains strength and invades the muscles, moving the person in the direction of desire”. (Gaiarsa 2021) 


Through the spontaneous movements between the chest and the hip, and easy breathing, the liveliness of the body depends on its metabolism and motility. Metabolism provides energy that results in movement and the liveliness in the body denotes its ability to feel, where the individual recovers the full potential of their being. 


The state of relaxation is acquired by the ability to sustain a physical presence, to be grounding, to trust the body while an emotion of joy or sadness circulates in it without the person discharging. 



Benefits of Therapeutic Tantra Session: 


  • Connection between body and mind to experiencing integration 

  • Recovers and increases self-esteem  

  • Grounding  

  • Release trauma, shame and intimacy blockages  

  • Provides relaxation and self-care  

  • Recovers sexual dysfunctions such as: Genito-Pelvic pain or penetration disorder, female arousal or orgasmic disorder (anorgasmia), premature or delayed ejaculation, male erectile disorder, 

  • Deal with grief and separation 

  • Find or regain the power of decision and self-confidence 

  • Stave off depression 

  • Become aware of your polarity

  • Accept the more challenging and joyful aspects of life 

  • Reconnect to the couple relationship 


The benefits of tantra by following to do alone, to benefit a partner or as a couple. Integrating tantra into your philosophy of life is of great benefit to body and mind.  

There are different approaches to the tantric experience, and all senses are solicited, whether intimate or sensory. For this reason, Tantrism is unfortunately often equated with sexual practice, but it's quite the opposite. According to Tantrism, sexuality is at the service of personal development. 

“The capacity to tolerate displeasure and pain without becoming bitter and without seeking refuge in armor goes along with the capacity to receive happiness and to give love.” Wilhelm Reich 

How do I know if a therapeutic tantra session is safe? 

- the therapist is fully dressed during the session. Nudity is only allowed to the patient if agreed upon in advance. 

- the therapist commits to giving the patient detailed instructions about all the procedures that may take place during the session. 

- In practices where the therapist touches the patient's body, the patient's consent is always obtained (a letter of consent must be signed). 

- the touch occurs only with the therapist's hands, in some cases with previously consented objects, such as: scarves, feathers. 

- in massage techniques with touches to the genitals, there is no insertion of any accessory into the vaginal or anal canal. 

- agreements are made at the beginning of the service, respecting the limits of the therapist and the patient. 

- hygiene of the space and asepsis of the equipment, use of gloves when touching the genitals.

- the choice of techniques developed in the session is co-created between the therapist and the patient.

- total confidentiality is guaranteed regarding personal data, life histories and processes experienced by the patient during treatment.

- only those over 18 years of age. 

- it is mandatory to fill in the form with a term of responsibility and consent for single and/or multiple sessions. 

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