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Tantric Massage

A warm hand on a naked body.

It is the body that melts with love, freezes with cold, trembles with rage and seeks contact and affection.


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​Tantric massage provides an experience of connection between body and mind, through the touch and breath, to restore and to increase natural pleasure; to obtain the states of silence and relaxation; to improve self-perception, to feel grounded and to bring memories of the divine being that you are. It is a path to come back to the body and to be able to handle its sensations, whether they are good or not. 

A warm hand on a naked body, in a safe space, to let go of the identification with the mind and to allow the body to have its own rhythm, its own and individual wave to feel, to manifest impulses that the person cannot express. We know it is the body that melts with love, freezes with cold, trembles with rage and seeks contact and affection. Separated from the body, these words are merely words. 

Many people have had their bodies dissociated from their reality, because they have suffered a considerable decrease in the ability to live and enjoy life due to a childhood trauma, or stress, or cultural education, etc., due to this, there was a loss of self: limited self-awareness, restricted self-expression, and reduced sense of self-mastery. 

"The mind can influence the body just as much the body can influence the mind, it is possible in certain cases to improve an individual's bodily functioning through a change in their mental attitude, but any change brought in this way will be temporary, unless fundamental bodily processes are significantly modified. On the other hand, working directly on restoring bodily functions such as breathing, movement, sensory perception and self-expression has an immediate and lasting effect on your mental attitude." Alexander Lowen 

What to expect for a Tantric Massage Session: 

The surrender to the body implies the surrender to sexuality. 

The session consists of therapeutic breathing movements (bioenergetics), different types of touches such as Sensitive, Ayurvedic, Shiatsu and Thai massages, genital massages and my experience in therapeutic movement from Wilhelm Reich.  

Through the breathing, the libido power is channeled in a particular way and dispersed throughout the entire body, producing a whole-body energy vibration, with a huge gain in an individual’s pleasure and pleasure potential. 

Through the spontaneous movements between the chest and the hip, and easy breathing, the liveliness of the body depends on its metabolism and motility. Metabolism provides energy that results in movement and the liveliness in the body denotes its ability to feel, where the individual recovers the full potential of their being. 


  • Connection between body and mind

  • Recovers and increases self-esteem

  • Grounding

  • Release trauma, shame and intimacy blockages

  • Recovers sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation and vaginal pain


For your comfort and hygiene, a bath before your session is recommended.
The massage is made on a futon on the floor.

There is NON-reciprocal touch.


90min $250

120min $340

40$ reservation fee.

Cancellations are fully refundable with 24 hours prior notice

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