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Tantra Massage Class for couples

It is a sensual and intimate massage experience designed to enhance the connection and intimacy between partners.

The classes are provided by me and my partner, therapists.

One therapist will present the class and the other will be receiving, while one participant will be able to practice and to learn the other participant. 

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Many times the heavy routine in daily life between couples becomes an obstacle to a moment of sexual intimacy, it hinder creativity and care for the partner, or even, the lack of knowledge about the partner's body turns the sexual intimacy into a challenge. 


For the restoration of intimacy in relationships, effort and interest in cultivating an affective sex life with pleasure is necessary. Learning to know the power we carry in our own bodies, to establish a friendship with our sexuality so that we don't transfer the responsibility of not knowing ourselves to the partner. Learn how to communicate your own needs, satisfactions and dissatisfactions in an assertive way. Learn to listen, to be attentive to subtle movements and to the sensitivity of your partner's body. 


Understand that intimate sex is not something we do by intuition, or through watching pornographic films, but rather the ability to listen, to communicate and to learn practically what to do at the moment of sexual intimacy.


Sexual intimacy is an art that must be learned, developed and practiced throughout an active life. 

Me and my partner developed this program for couples who wish to restore or learn deep intimacy moments in their relationships. We suggest to start with 2 hours for each person. Through the interview, we will establish a program with personalized sessions for couples. 

We work with these 4 values: safety, ethics, respect and consent.  


  • Connection between body and mind to experiencing integration 

  • Recovers and increases self-esteem  

  • Grounding  

  • Release trauma, shame and intimacy blockages  

  • Provides relaxation and self-care  

  • Recovers sexual dysfunctions such as: Genito-Pelvic pain or penetration disorder, female arousal or orgasmic disorder (anorgasmia), premature or delayed ejaculation, male erectile disorder 

  • Find or regain the power of decision and self-confidence 

  • Stave off depression 

  • Become aware of your polarity

  • Accept the more challenging and joyful aspects of life 

  • Reconnect to the couple relationship 

It's important to note that tantric massage is not solely about sexual pleasure, although it may involve sexual energy. It's about creating a space for partners to connect, communicate, and experience pleasure in a mindful and loving way. 

The classes are exclusive and totally confidential, your privacy will be respected at all the time in an atmosphere of respect and tranquility.

There is no exchange between therapists and receivers, the session is always conducted with non-reciprocal touch.  

The session is adapted to the patient needs and their physical conditions, it means that the patient can be dressed or naked. 

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